a reason to celebrate

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The following note was forwarded to step up to hep by Sascha Larsen-Helbing who runs the patient navigation program at Hep C Connection. Sascha has assisted so many persons to get into treatment. Please contact Sascha if you need some support with accessing or getting through treatment at 303-860-0600.


“Took  quite a  while but got my medicine and am taking my first pills in 20 minutes.  84 days from today hopefully I will be cured!
re: hep c treatment…sovaldi and olysio  (off label treatment)
I am taking these 2  pills only once every 24 hours   early in the morning as these  meds can have some sides,  Doing it this way I’ll be asleep and  hopefully it will be easier to cope.  I will miss a good part of the day so avoiding the sun won’t be so hard.  I’ve been on a weird sleep pattern for years so it  will be right up my alley.

I will likely be super tired  at least this first month so am allowing for 10 hours of sleep and will get up around  12:00 pm accounting for the upcoming daylight savings.  Thanks for your prayers and love. I am so excited to finally get rid of this scary and damaging disease after all these years. “

p.s. going to play this right when I take the pill !   It is a celebration for me.  Am looking forward to my new life.



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