a letter from Jules Levin of NATAP

collaborating for access to treatment

collaborating for access to treatment

Every major state now has imposed severe medicaid restrictions. The only potential best solution I see is a strong federal campaign key to which is the messaging. I think the key to my successful campaign from 2000-2006 to get HCV & HBV in the Ryan White Care Act was good messaging & finding the correct ears, with repeated meetings with that messaging & with those people. Key was finding the correct congressional supporters, one must be selective in who you choose to throw your hat in with, I was able to convince a select group of congressional offices that were willing to pass the legislation, many congressional offices & congresspeople & senators say they support you but they don’t, they only say they do to look good for their constituents.

I wrote the language for the Care Act & assisted in the actual language selected to be in the Care Act. Key was actual patient knowledge & experience, the clinical data & most relevant epidemiology & passionate discussions & pleas, which comes from patient/care/treatment experience & in the context of disenfranchised patient populations.

Ryan White Care Act Hepatitis C & B Language (click here for details)

Jules Levin



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