Public Radio Report – At The Crossroads, Part 4: New Hep C Drugs Promise a Cure, for a Big Price

Rhode Island Public Radio recently hosted a series of informative radio segments on hepatitis C.  We continue sharing this series with Part Three: New Hep C Drugs Promise a Cure, for a Big Price.  The series covers a range of topics relevant to both patients and providers, including infection statistics, populations at highest risk, the newest pharmaceuticals designed to combat hepatitis C, and barriers for patients attempting to access treatment. Click here to listen to Part Four of At the Crossroads.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. Since then, people with hepatitis C have had limited – and not very effective – options for treatment.

Until now.

Revolutionary new treatments have hit the market in just the last few months. But they’re so expensive health insurers are balking at the price.

Part four of our series “At the Crossroads: The Rise of Hepatitis C and the Fight to Stop it” looks at the high cost of these new treatments and who’s paying for them.


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