Public Radio Report – At The Crossroads, Part 6: Veterans Harder Hit By Hep C

Photo above:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chairs the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. At a hearing Wednesday, Dec. 3, Sanders wanted to know why new hepatitis C drugs cost so much and how the VA was going to pay for them.

Rhode Island Public Radio recently hosted a series of informative radio segments on hepatitis C.  We continue sharing this series with Part Six: Veterans Harder Hit By Hep C.  The series covers a range of topics relevant to both patients and providers, including infection statistics, populations at highest risk, the newest pharmaceuticals designed to combat hepatitis C, and barriers for patients attempting to access treatment. Click here to listen to Part Six of At the Crossroads.


In our ongoing series about hepatitis C, we look now at one of the hardest hit populations: veterans. Hep C is three times more prevalent among vets than in the general population. The Veterans Health Administration has the country’s largest hepatitis C screening and treatment program in the country. But that program is struggling to pay for new treatments – and the rising number of veterans who need them.

If you are a person living with hepatitis C and have questions after reading this article or listening to the public radio broadcast, please call our helpline at 1-800-522-HEPC (4372).


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